The Evolution of Timekeeping: A Journey Through Watchmaking History

Introduction: Time is an integral part of our lives, and throughout history, humanity has strived to measure and record its passage. One remarkable testament to this pursuit is the art of watchmaking. The evolution of timekeeping through watchmaking history is a captivating journey that spans centuries, reflecting advancements in technology, craftsmanship, and human ingenuity. In […]


This matching set first came on the market back in 1945 and is still heralded as an icon. Rolex was the first to introduce a self-winding chronometer wristwatch to display a date in a bubble on the face. It appeared in the Datejust range. It may not sound significant by today’s technological leaps forward but it was ground-breaking […]

Omega Speedmaster Professional “Moonwatch”

Flyback Chronograph Manufacture, released in 2017, evokes classic chronographs of the 1930s and also represents phenomenal value with its in-house movement equipped with flyback functionality. Recent iterations of these original designs are 42mm and feature the FC-760 Manufacture caliber movement behind new two-tone dials, with subdials in blue or chocolate brow. The Speedmaster, originally introduced […]

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